Painting Services 

Exterior & Interior Painting Services


Dexter Services LLP undertakes all types of wall painting services for residential as well as commercial buildings. Wall painting services is generally a very personal and unique requirement. We at Dexter Services LLP provide customised packages for painting requirements and other allied jobs such as carpenter, mason, electrician and plumber etc 

There are generally 03 types of paint work: 

1). Interior wall paint which is the internal areas of any house or building which do not require any high rise access except ladders ( generally upto 10 ft ). Interior wall painting is done as per an individual's personal requirement and budgets in Asian paints, Burger, Narolac and Dulex etc.

2). Exterior wall paint which covers the external areas of any building. All high rise walls and ceilings are covered in this. This is a little extensive kind of painting work and requires either "Rope Access System" or Scaffolding for high rise buildings. 

3). Texture Paints which is done exclusively on selected walls. It takes highly trained technicians and craftsmanship to create beautiful textures on interior walls or extensive exterior texture paints. 

We at Dexter Services LLP provide a one stop solution for all such requirements related to wall painting, carpentry, civil, masonry, electrical or plumbing work and other allied services which falls under home cleaning services. Please get in touch with our helplines to know more and book your service today. 



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