Marble Polishing Services


What is Marble Polishing ?

Marble Polishing is basically the removal of topmost layer of marble, granite, Kota or any other stone with the help of specific machines and abrasives and then polishing the fresh layer with certain chemicals to increase shine and improve texture of the stone surface. Dexter Services LLP covers it for residential as well as commercial spaces across Delhi NCR. Typically, It takes 1 day to cover 300 sqft marble polishing. No water or stone residue is left behind. complete hassle free job is guaranteed.

Type of Marble Polishing

There are several methods of polishing a marble or granite or any other stone. Some of them are mentioned below:

1). Diamond Polishing

2). Granite Polishing 

3). Express polishing

Process of Marble Polishing

The process of polishing a marble, granite or any other stone has no fundamental difference. The typical process includes the below mentioned steps:

1). Grinding the stone with diamond grits.

2). Filling up cracks with raisins and bonds.

3). Smoothening the stone with further diamond grits.

4). Honing the Stone Surface.

5). Crystallization with Stone crystallizers

6). Buffing the finished surface with buffing pads and liquid shine enhancers

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