Water Tank Cleaning


Water Tank Cleaning 

Water tanks are prone to get dust , dirt, algae, and a lot of other impurities which may lead to water contamination if not cleaned frequently. We use completely safe food grade chemicals to clean the storage water tanks be it underground tanks or overhead plastic tanks. Dexter Services LLP undertakes water tank cleaning services for residential as well as commercial properties at very attractive and reasonable prices. 

Types of Water Tank Cleaning 

There are typically 02 types of water tanks. 

1). Overhead water tanks which are generally made up of food grade hard plastic and situated on the top of any residential or commercial building. The are generally in smaller capacities ranging from 500 Ltrs to 2000 Ltrs. 

2). Underground Water Tanks which are found in the basements or ground floors of the buildings. They are made up of concrete and other construction material. These tanks are generally made up to hold higher quantity of water and made in capacities ranging from 1000 Ltrs to anywhere till 50,000 Ltrs and maybe more depending upon requirement.

Process of Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is generally done in both ways manual and mechanical and entirely depends upon an individual's requirement and budgets. We at Dexter Services LLP undertakes both the types of cleaning. Smaller size overhead tanks are generally cleaned manually with a 01 to 02  manpowers cleaning a tank from 500 Ltrs to 2000 Ltrs.   

Please do call us in case of any requirement of water tank cleaning in Delhi NCR. 



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