Glass Cleaning Services


Glass Cleaning or Facade Cleaning

Dexter Services LLP is a leading service provider for exterior as well as interior glass cleaning services to adhoc and regular clients. Facade cleaning generally includes exterior glasses, ACP sheets, Fiber or vinyl sheets, building canopies etc. Dexter Services LLP undertakes all types of facade cleaning requirements PAN india.

Process & Description

Exterior cleaning of any high rise building is always a risky job and requires an extra degree of skill and equipment. We have a professionally trained manpower with state of the art equipment fulfilling all international standards of safety. We use all professional grade chemicals for the cleaning of window glasses and ACP sheets etc. We use " Rope Access System " to reach out to any height or area of the high rise buildings. We also undertake cleaning and sealing of sandstone on high rise buildings as well as wall painting of the high rise buildings. All this comes at very reasonable prices.

Tools & Equipments Used

Dexter Services LLP gives utmost importance to the safety of it's employees while using all the set international standards of safety and norms. We use the below mentioned equipments and tools :

  1. Polyamide ropes 

  2. Double Stop Grip Descender 

  3. Safety lock

  4. Shunt 

  5. Safety Harness -Full body

  6. Helmets

  7. Glass cleaning kit - Unger 

  8. Safety Shoes

  9. Suction pads

  10. Rope Protectors

We cover PAN india for facade cleaning requirements. Please do reach us for any clarification or further details.



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