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What is Sanitation or Sanitization ?

Sanitation or Sanitization or Disinfection refers to the process of making a surface or an area infection free by using certain chemicals which are certified to kill germs, bacteria and viruses when used in a pre-decided clinically tested quantity and dilution.  For example the best disinfectant used in everyday life is Dettol which we use to disinfect floor and other touch points in our residential or offices. 

Types of Sanitation : 

Sanitation is a skilled job and is always undertaken by a professional technician who is certified to use these chemicals. There are 03 major ways of doing Sanitation for offices, warehouses, factories, plants and houses:

1). Chemical Fogging by ULV Machines

2). Chemical Spraying by industrial sprayers ( by hand or by Machines )

3). By Hand ( Touch Points )

Chemicals Used : 

1). Diversey VIREX II 256

2). Formalin

3). Sodium Hypochlorite

Process of Sanitation or Disinfection :

The typical process & procedure of sanitation includes the below mentioned steps:

1). Preparing for Sanitation: 

It is very important to do a proper preparation and follow a step by step checklist before starting the process of Sanitation due to the hazardous effects of the chemicals used in the process. The technician will ensure no food items or utensils are left open in the area where the sanitation needs to be carried out. The technician will wear a full set of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) such as full body gown, face mask, hand gloves, Eye goggles, Shoe covers etc. 

2). Chemicals or Disinfectants :

Sodium Hypochlorite is one of the widely used surface disinfectant and sanitizer. It is used water purification and solid surface disinfection in different dilutions. Our municipal corporations uses Sodium hypochlorite solution for the purification of drinking water on a large scale. It can kill most of the bacterias and viruses present on the surface or water including the coronavirus or covid-19. Sodium Hypochlorite 1% is prescribed by Health Ministry and Ministry of Home Affairs of India for the sanitation carried out to kill the deadly coronavirus or covid -19. Formalin is another widely used formaldehyde based industrial disinfectant used for the sanitation for coronavirus in india. These chemicals are mixed with water in the prescribed dilution and prepared for sanitation. VIREX 256 is another popular chemical for disinfection and sanitation. It's produced & sold by Diversey in India and abroad. VIREX 256 is a highly commercial chemical which is today used for coronavirus protection by hospitals, corporate institutions and for home sanitization. It has a mint like fragrance which it leaves behind post the procedure.  All above treatments require generally 2 to 4 hour lead time before you can use the area once again. 

3). Process of Sanitation : 

Once the chemicals are prepared then depending upon the method used the spray or Fogging is done avoiding a close contact of chemicals. Fogging should be done for offices & houses instead of spraying to avoid any water damage to surfaces such as wallpapers, wall painting, Paintings other articles etc. Spraying is best used for the open areas such as factories, pathways, public utilities, staircases etc due to a larger coverage. The fully covered technician will start the fogging or spraying from one corner of the house till the other moving in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The PPE kit is disposed off after the treatment is done. The area can be used by the residents only after 2 hours of the treatment. Using the area before 2 hours can lead to irritation in eyes, smoke inhalation, Skin rashes or itching, mild to severe coughing. Hence it should be avoided for the best use.  

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